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It’s never easy to cope with the physical and emotional trauma of any abuse, let alone sexual abuse. In addition to the physical and emotional pain and suffering, sexual abuse victims must deal with the overwhelming feeling that no one else can understand. The award-winning lawyers at Oakwood Legal Group, will stand by you and help alleviate the stress in every way possible. We will answer your questions and help you fight for the compensation and justice you deserve. We will give you the advice and guidance you need to make it through this difficult time and we will NEVER CHARGE YOU UNLESS WE WIN. Furthermore, you will NEVER pay anything out of your pocket to our law firm, for any reason.

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Unfortunately, sexual abuse can occur in almost any forum including homes, schools, doctors’ offices, places of employment, churches, temples,  institutions, and other settings. Anyone of either gender, adult or child, can be a victim of sexual abuse and the long-term effects that sexual abuse victims experience is equally broad and can include depression, shame, low self-esteem, trust issues, and drug and alcohol abuse. Some may never escape the past and never recover from the deep emotional and psychological injuries they’ve suffered — eventually taking their own lives.

Our trusted team takes great pride in representing clients who have been victims of sexual abuse and we will protect your rights and aggressively fight for your best interests.


learn about oakwood legal group

Types of California Sexual Abuse Cases We Handle

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We have successfully handled a variety of sexual abuse claims. Each case is unique, and it takes experience and finely tuned legal strategies to overcome the hurdles standing between victims and a fair settlement.

We are seasoned litigators who assist clients in the following types of sexual abuse cases:

  • Doctor-patient sexual abuse

  • Sexual abuse within the family

  • Sexual abuse involving sports coaches

  • Sex abuse in Catholic institutions

  • Sexual abuse by lay members of the church

  • Teacher-student sexual abuse

  • Sexual abuse at temples

  • Child sexual abuse

  • Sex abuse in other religious denominations

Harvard Attorney Representing YOU – Setting Records in the State of California for People JUST LIKE YOU!

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What we love most about our line of work is the fact that our clients are able to receive legal representation from the best of the best, regardless of their financial status. In other fields of law, clients are often placed at a legal disadvantage because they cannot afford a highly educated, highly trained and award-winning legal team. At Oakwood Legal Group, we work on a contingency fee basis, which means you will never pay anything out of pocket unless and until we win your case.

We have handled thousands of accident cases to successful conclusion. Many California auto accident cases are settled without going to court. But when choosing a personal injury attorney for your accident, it is important to know what kind of trial experience your lawyer can offer if your case does require litigation. Our experienced trial attorneys have set records in the entire State of California and we will work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve.

NOT ALL LAWYERS ARE CREATED EQUAL! GET A HARVARD ATTORNEY ON YOUR SIDE NOW! Time is of the essence, so please contact our legal team so we can allow you to focus on your health and take the burden off your shoulders by providing you with the legal support and expertise you need.  Contact us at 888-804-7858 for a FREE consultation. You are not obligated to hire us and we will provide you with an honest evaluation of your legal matter.

We will COME TO YOU, or we can meet at any of our office locations in California.

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