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Shortly after the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) formed in the 1920s, the youth organization began to track cases of suspected sexual abuse and misconduct by its scoutmasters and other adult volunteers. The BSA officially called these documents “ineligible volunteer files” and they later became known as the “perversion files.”

In 2012, the BSA was ordered to release the files from a 1965-1985, and these files showed a staggering number of sexual abuses cases. There were more than 1,200 cases, many of which were never reported to law enforcement. Shockingly, several accused sexual predators continued to serve as volunteers within the organization.

Today, many former scouts in California and across the country who suffered sexual abuse as minors are coming forward. They are seeking to hold both their abusers and Boy Scouts of America accountable for the immense physical and emotional harm which they suffered.

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Many Boys Scouts of America sexual abuse victims can now pursue claims that were previously time-barred. Please contact us to learn how the new laws may affect you and to learn about about your legal rights and options.

Many survivors of childhood sexual abuse must go through years of therapy and counseling before they can finally come forward. However, when they have done so in the past, they have faced many obstacles, including the statute of limitations on civil claims against their abusers and the organizations which abused them. Thanks to new laws, the statute of limitations is no longer an obstacle.

Oakwood Legal Group, LLP has represented thousands of victims of child sexual abuse who have been given new hope by this law. Our clients have found closure and new strength after coming forward. Please contact us to learn about about how we can help you. Our consultations are 100% confidential and always free. Your legal team will include a graduate of Harvard Law School and Former District Attorneys with more than 30 years of experience prosecuting sexual abuse cases.

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In California, survivors of clergy sexual abuse that happened when the plaintiff was over 18 must presently file a claim no later than:

  • Three years from the date the plaintiff discovers or reasonably should have discovered that an injury or illness resulted from an act, attempted act, or assault with the intent to commit an act, of sexual assault.

  • 10 years from the date of the last act, attempted act, or assault with the intent to commit an act, of sexual assault; or

Survivors of clergy sexual abuse that happened when the survivor was under 18, in contrast, can pursue a claim until the later of:

  • Eight years from the date the plaintiff turns 18; or

  • Three years from the date the plaintiff discovers or reasonably should have discovered that psychological injury or illness occurring after turning 18 was caused by the sexual abuse.

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